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HG 330-B Hot Air Blower

Main applications:

The HG 330-B hot-air gun is a high-performance Weldy hot-air blower with two fast temperature switching stages for selecting between 350 °C and 550 °C. This means it can meet the requirements of a wide range of specialist and home improvement tasks. Whether it is removing paint and varnish, refreshing plastic parts, loosening valves and fittings or de-icing pipes, the hot-air gun is a useful tool for various tasks that require hot air thanks to its low weight and comfortable handle.

The WELDY Hot-Air Blower:

  • combines efficiency with solid performance
  • two fast temperature switching stages
  • reasonably priced entry-level unit for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
  • well-suited for processing plastic films and plastic profiles


HG 330-B Product Brochure (Pdf - 1.1mb)

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